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sell your structured settlement
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Sell Your Structured Settlement

When you are awarded money during an insurance claim settlement or even a lawsuit, you typically have to choose how you want to receive this sum — all at once in a lump sum, or spread out over a period of several years in structured settlement payments.

There are advantages to each choice, and if you chose a structured settlement, you likely thought the monthly payment structure worked well for your long-term financial security.

But financial circumstances can change, no matter how much you plan ahead — and, unfortunately, once you agree to a structured settlement, you can’t call the insurance company afterward and ask for a lump sum instead. You can, however, sell the rights to your structured settlement payments in exchange for cash, so you won’t have to wait years to get the money you need.

Before making the decision to sell your structured settlement, there are some things you should think about to ensure that it’s the right course of action for you to reach your financial goals.

Choosing to sell your structured settlement for cash can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It puts money back into your pocket faster, allowing you to make a large purchase or investment or simply get yourself out of a financial tangle. No matter the reason, you can be confident you’ll get the results you’re seeking from your structured settlement sale when you work alongside an experienced, reputable direct lender.

What is a structured settlement?

As stated before, a structured settlement is a sum of money awarded in a legal settlement that is paid to an individual on a monthly or yearly basis over a span of several years. These settlements are common when one is awarded money in an accident or wrongful death settlement. By choosing a structured settlement over a lump sum, the individual normally receives more money than he or she would have received in a lump sum payment.

Why would anyone want to sell his or her structured settlement payments?

Financial emergencies and near-term expenses are the most common reasons why you would want to sell your structured settlement. For example, maybe you want to buy a new home or make extensive renovations on your current home, but don’t have the money on hand to do so — this is where selling the rights to your structured settlement payments to get your money now can be an attractive option.

How much money will I get by selling my structured settlement?

The amount of money you’ll receive depends on three main factors: the amount of money in your settlement, the probability that you’ll get these payments on time, and the current economic climate.

When will I get this money?

Once you have signed an agreement to sell your structured settlement, you can usually expect a 45-day wait before you receive your money. Laws vary by state, so it might be more or less time for your individual circumstances.

Can I just sell a portion of my settlement payments?

Yes — and this is actually what most people who sell their structured settlements choose to do, as it gives them a sum of money up-front while still allowing them to receive future settlement payments.

Will selling my structured settlement cost me anything?

There are no up-front costs when it comes to selling the rights to your structured settlement. There will, however, be various fees involved, but these will be subtracted from the money you receive at the end of your transaction. When looking at the quote that the company purchasing your structured settlement has provided, be sure to see that these fees have been subtracted from your final payment.

Will I owe taxes on the money I receive?

No. Since 1999, the IRS has ruled that selling the rights to a structured settlement does not create any taxable income or transactions.

Are there laws that protect me while I sell my structured settlement?

Currently, 40 states have passed legislation that allows for the sale of rights to structured settlement payments. These laws — which complement existing laws passed by the federal government — protect your right to sell periodic payments in exchange for a one-time sum of cash.