Meet the Tennessee Couple That Won Part of the Historic Powerball Jackpot
One of the Powerball winners almost didn't buy the ticket
lottery payments
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Meet the Tennessee Couple That Won Part of the Historic Powerball Jackpot

21 Jan Meet the Tennessee Couple That Won Part of the Historic Powerball Jackpot

lottery paymentsJohn Robinson almost didn’t make the pit stop that now stands to change his entire life. He was driving home when he called his wife, Lisa, and she reminded him to stop at Naifeh’s Food Market and buy some Powerball tickets.

“I really didn’t feel like stopping that night, but I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll stop,'” John said. “I came home, and I wasn’t feeling good, and I handed the tickets to her and said, ‘I’m going to go lay down.'”

His slumber was soon disrupted by his excited, yet apprehensive wife who watched the numbers that were rattled off match up with one of the four tickets her husband had come home with.

“I looked again, they are the same, I looked again, and then I ran down the hall and said, John, you gotta check these numbers,” Lisa said.

The couple from Tennessee are one of three parties who have claimed to have won the historic amount of lottery payments that the $1.6 billion drawing will ultimately payout. At the time of this writing lottery officials have not officially confirmed any of these claims.

The possibility of this being a hoax seem very unlikely though when you consider lottery officials in the state did announce that a winning ticket had been sold in the state of Tennessee.

The Powerball gives winners a choice in the same way that the Mega Millions does as far as lump sum versus annuity payments. If winners choose the lottery annuity settlement the lottery payments are paid out 30 payments with each one increasing in value.

If they take the lump sum option the lottery payments will equal about $533 million, which would be more like $328 million after taxes. Lisa Robinson took this week off, in part to make an appearance on the Today show, but like nearly half (48% of winners) she plans on returning to her work in a dermatologist’s office on Monday.

As many have been wise to point out, one of the best things the Robinsons can do is hire some professional help to avoid becoming part of the 70% of lotto winners who lose or spend their money within five years.

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